Domino Yatzy

The world famous dice game just got an upgrade!

Domino Yatzy Screenshot

You're in control of the draw!

Dominoes are randomly shuffled, so you get to draw them in any order you'd like. Spin them to add even more randomness, and then flip them over when you're ready.

Play either side of the domino.

In Domino Yatzy you get the chance to play either side of the domino. At any point if you see something better on the other side, you can give it a spin and increase your chances.

Introducing Domino Yatzy

Classic Scoring Rules

You'll feel right at home scoring points in Domino Yatzy using the same scoring table you've always used, and you'll love the new way to rack up points!

Cusomize your Domino Back

Dozens of Domino Back graphics available, and more to come!

Auto Draw Mode

Not in the mood to draw your dominoes? No problem "Auto Draw Mode" will pull random dominoes for you, but you still get to select your side and spin them all you like.

Customize appearance

Select between colorful or monochrome pips. Need some extra contrast on the scoring table? High Contrast mode will help!

What are you waiting for? Download today!